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“Personal” invitation that comes from an e-mail bot

My company does a LOT of work with software vendor Citrix Systems. Citrix has their big annual tradeshow in May, and I recently received an e-mail titled “A Personal Invitation from Mark Templeton.” (Templeton is the Citrix CEO, and a big rock star in my industry.)It looks cool, but it's still a bot.

I clicked on the e-mail, and I couldn’t believe it. The supposedly personal e-mail was not from Mark Templeton’s e-mail address, but instead from “Citrix Synergy 09 [citrix@info.citrix.com].” The e-mail is also obviously using an e-mail marketing system template, and is littered with marketing lingo like “4 Conferences In 1” and “Vegas Means Value.” (A brief aside: Seriously?)

The e-mail itself a nice-looking promotion, and it’s full of useful information if you’re considering going to the conference. But calling it a personal invitation from the CEO, when it is so CLEARLY a mass-produced e-mail marketing blast and NOT a personal invitation, is so blatently disingenous that I actually laughed out loud.

  1. March 29, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    It’s hilarious until you realize it’s sad. :-/

    I got something similar from Yahoo: http://blog.asmartbear.com/blog/hello-im-1074018628.html

    The funny thing is if they didn’t say “personal note” you wouldn’t have taken offense.

    In other words, just be friggin’ honest. Sheesh.

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