Paul Ardoin

I’m Paul Ardoin, AKA sus4th. I’ve got 15 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and communications, mostly for B2B software companies. I hold a BA in English and an MBA in Marketing.

I created the Marketing Counterpoints blog to combat nonsensical marketing techniques that are done in the name of conventional wisdom. I strongly believe that effective marketing techniques–which were very helpful in creating effective magazine ads, billboards, and TV spots–are even more relevant in a Web 2.0 world. I also believe that the Oxford comma clarifies much more often than it obscures. I’m still learning a lot, though.

Currently, I’m looking for my next opportunity, whether it’s a contract or permanent position. If you think my take on marketing would be a good match for your organization, please contact me at

By the way, a Suspended 4th chord (sus4th) is one in which the third is replaced by a perfect fourth (i.e., root / perfect fourth / perfect fifth). The term is borrowed from the contrapuntal technique of suspension, where a note from a previous chord is carried over to the next chord, and then resolved down (or up) to the third or tonic, suspending a note from the previous chord. Today, the term refers only to the notes played at a given time, whether or not the added tone actually resolves or is held over from the previous chord. (like in The Who’s “Pinball Wizard”).

And effective marketing creates a similiar suspension in the viewer–who will stick around to find out if that metaphorical suspension will resolve up or down.

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