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Livetweet alert: SMC Sacramento’s “Making Video Social”

Making video social

Making video social

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 16, I will be livetweeting Social Media Club Sacramento’s “Making Video Social.” The event is live, and if you want to come in person, it’s at the Peppers.TV office in Sacramento (near Mather Field) at 7:00 PM. (Networking and snacks start at 6:30.)

The event is free — you can sign up here.

You can follow my livetweet by following me, @paulardoin. Also, I have become enamored of lately. Go to on Tuesday night, sign in with your Twitter username and password, then enter the room with the #smcsac hashtag. The feed updates automatically, and only sends updates with #smcsac. I’ve used for a few livetweets before, and it is often the difference between tolerable and intolerable! (A few of the SMC-Sackers like HootSuite, which I haven’t used yet.)

So remember: follow the #smcsac hashtag on Tuesday night. I plan to post a lightly-edited version of the transcript here on Wednesday.